The Acme ‘T’ Seal is a fixed length metal seal manufactured in tin plated steel and can be produced with operating lengths of between 10cm and 65cm. The seal has a double locking action with a unique design enabling the user and security personnel to view the ‘T’ mechanism through inspection holes in the box ensuring the seal is securely locked and has not been pre-tampered. This seal cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation, nor can it be dismantled or cut without leaving obvious traces. It is suitable for use in temperatures of -60 to 120 Celsius.

Recommended Applications
Trailers, Tankers, Rail freight, Containers, Refineries.

Class Acceptance:
HM Revenue & Customs Sub-Group 3
EU Regulation 2454/93, Article 386, Annex 46A
US In-Bond Security

Matt tinplated steel

Available Operating Length
10cm – 65cm (18cm standard)

Head Length : 32mm x 16.7mm
Strip Width : 10mm

Average Breaking Strength

Embossed 7 digit consecutive numbers as standard
Optional embossed customer name/logo

Matt tinplate as standard but the T seal can be colour coded using the special plastics T seal cover.

Standard Packaging : 1000 seals in 40 bundles of
25 per carton
Carton Dimensions : 33cm x 25.4cm x 12cm
Carton weight : 6.5kg/carton


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