H Seal

The Acme “H” Seal is a pull through style Indicative seal manufactured in Polypropylene material. The design incorporates

rolled heat staking technology to position the metal insert in the locking head of the seal to allow secure locking at any point
along the length of the flat smooth H section strap. This seal is suitable for many applications particularly where strength is a

Recommended Applications
Airlines, Cargo, Trailers, Tankers, Rail & Sea Freight,
Containers, Refineries, Valves, Hatches, Post Bags,
Plastic & Cloth Bags, Cash & Coin Bags
Body – Polypropylene
Insert – Hard Stainless Steel
Available Operating Length
Overall Length
: 304mm, 354mm, 404mm
Operating Length
: 250mm, 300mm, 350mm
Strap Width
Average Breaking Strength
Tag Marking Area
22mm x 45mm
Laser or Hot Foil Stamped
Consecutively numbered as standard
Optional Customer name/logo
Optional Laser Bar-coding
Foil marked: Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, green, white.
Laser or Foil marked: Pastel shades of pink, blue, green,
yellow, peach, also black and white.
Other colours may be available on request.
Standard Packaging:
10 seals per mat and
1000 seals/carton
Carton Dimensions
: 30cm – 20cm x 31cm x 50cm
: 35cm – 20cm x 36cm x 50cm
: 40cm – 20cm x 41cm x 50cm
Carton Weight
30cm – 6.4kg/carton
35cm – 6.9kg/carton
40cm – 8.1kg/carton

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